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We keep a trade of crashed, damaged and inefficient cars and vehicles from EU countries. We've got a special offer for inefficient trucks, deliveries and buses from France, Belgium or Netherlands. We only offer lightly damaged cars, trucks and trailers.

Crashed damaged and repairable truck tractor MAN TGX 440 year 2011

Make : MAN TGX 440; Matriculation year : 2011;Suspension type: Full-air Rear;Mileage: 995500 km;Technical condition: Damage engine;Branch office: Belgium;Price excluding VAT: 6000 EUR;
Full offer » MAN TGX 440 »

Crashed damaged and repairable truck tractor Volvo FH New 500 year 2013

Make : Volvo FH New 500; Matriculation year : 2013;Suspension type: Air;Cabin type: Globetrotter;Mileage: 660000 km;Technical condition: Damaged repairable tractor unit cabin;Branch office: France;Price excluding VAT: 16700 EUR;
Full offer » Volvo FH New 500 »

Crashed refrigerating commercial vehicle damaged Iveco DAILY 35S12 year 2008

Make : Iveco DAILY 35S12;Type: 35S12; Matriculation year : 2008;Mileage: 280.000 km;Technical condition: Very Good;Branch office: France;Price excluding VAT: 6.500 EUR;
Full offer » Iveco DAILY 35S12 »

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