20ft container tank for transportation bitumen and asphalt 20ft year 2016


ISO tank containers

Stock number :tank-container/bitumen/1
Make :20ft
Type:New build production
Body: 20
Tank: UN Portable Tank T3
Weight: 5.950 t
Loading capacity: 24.530
Equipment: Tank Container Classification: IMO-1 - Hazardous liquids, Transportation and storage chemical products, Transportation and storage bitumen and asphalt, Tank container for chemicals, Tank Container for Hot Liquid Bitumen and Asphalt, Tank container for Bitumen Emulsions, Tank container for Light and Heavy Fuel Oils, Tank Container for liquid waste, Tank container assigned for storage tanks and stock, Ideal for Sea, Road and Rail Transportation, High Performance Heating Systems through Twin Heating Tubes, Heating system Steamcoil, Insulation 50 mm Polyurethane panels, Upper hatch, Partial emptying valve, Full emptying valve, Bottom Discharge, Vessel Pressure Tested, High Quality Construction and Robust Outer Skin, Containers can be stacked on several levels, Stainless Steel Flame Liners, Single compartment system, Aluminium platform, Ladder, Dimensions according to ISO-Norms, ISO Dimensions: L6058 x W2438 x H2591 mm (20 x 6 x 8 FT), Crash protection , Steel frame, Instant usage, Fitments and manway as for conventional ISO tanks, Approved for international shipment as a standard tank container, Cleaning Certificate, Immediate delivery, Payment before collection (delivery)
ADR for dangerous products: ASME, sekcja VIII, IMDG T3, DOT UK, USDOT, UIC, IMO2, FRA, CSC, ADR, RID, CTC Transport Canada
Total weight: 30.480 t
Capacity: 25.000 l.
Branch office: Shanghai [China]
Number of units: 20
State: New
Dimension: 6058 x 2438 x 2896 cm
Price excluding VAT:18 550.00 EUR

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