Tanks vessels technology, processing for foods INOX 304L - 15000 L. year 2002


Process containers and storage tanks

Stock number :/storage-tanks/_15000_Rury grzewcze
Make :INOX 304L - 15000 L.
Type:vertical cylindrical
Weight: 2,5 t
Equipment: Storage tank and foods stock container , Tank for water storage , Stock containers, Processing tanker for food industry, Tanker for milk, juice and oil, Model cylindrical vertical, Agro-grocery origin , Without thermal isolation, Bottom type: flat, Upper hatch, Inlet, filling device, Full emptying valve, Partial emptying valve, Acid-resistant stainless steel INOX 304 L , Pressureless container, Manways top side Ø 500 mm, Working pressure in tank: atmosferic (ATM), Heat exchanger,
+ Include transport cost to Poland 2 tanks: 1600 Euro
Capacity: 15000 l.
Technical condition: Very Good
Number of units: 4
State: Used
Dimension: Ø 250 x 420 cm
Price excluding VAT:14 000.00 EUR

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