Truck tank milk collection and transportation Renault Premium 370 DCI Inox 11000 L. year 2006


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Stock number :truck-tank/milk/PREMIUM 370 DCI
Make :Renault Premium 370 DCI Inox 11000 L.
Type:370 DCI
Cabin type: Trafic local
Number of compartments:2
Body: Inox 11000 L.
Material superstructure: Stainless steel, Steel chassis construction
Tank: 11000 L – 2 comp.
Gearbox: Manual
Axles: 2
Configuration: 4 x 2
Mileage: 871000 km
Equipment: ABS, Power steering, One double axle, Light alloy wheels, Cruise control (tempomat), Tool box, Speed limiter, Driver's seat, air-cushioned, Multi-compartment tank, Pump milk collecting system, Telma, Tank opening on top manhole, Food steel, stainless steel
Capacity: 11000 l.
Technical condition: Very Good
Collection: France
Number of units: 1
State: Used
Price excluding VAT:22 000.00 EUR

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