Bitumen, Asphalt & Heavy Oils Container Shipper Model for Direct Fire Heating and Thermal Oil Heating ISO Bitumentank year 2002


ISO Tank Containers

Stock number :tank containers/Bitumen tanks/24000_Bitumentank (rebuild)
Make :ISO Bitumentank
Capacity of the tank:24000 l.
Number of compartments:1
Body: 2023 Rebuild (przebudowane, całkowicie odnowione)
Tank: UN T3, ADR, ISO, Optional flame burners Diesel MAX 8 Burner (800 EUR / piece)
Weight: 3,54 t
Total weight: 34,00 t
Color: Black
Technical condition: Rebuild
Number of units: 18
State: Used
Dimension: 6058 x 2438 x 2591 cm
Price excluding VAT:18 500.00 EUR

Euro Truck

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