Used Truck Refrigerated with Loading Lift Volvo FM 9-260 year 2005


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Stock number :damaged/FM9-260
Make :Volvo FM 9-260
Cabin type: Trafic local
Mileage: 308.000 km
Engine type: Diesel
Weight: 10,77 t
Equipment: ABS, Power steering, One double axle, Spare wheel, Spare wheel holder, Folding loading lift , Cruise control (tempomat), Outside sun visor, Driver's seat, air-cushioned, Refrigerated Box, for local foodstuffs distribution purposes, Single compartment, Unit with standby, Double rear doors, Slight damage to box
Total weight: 19,00 t
Technical condition: Damage engine
Branch office: France
Number of units: 1
State: Used
Refrigeration Unit : Carrier Supra 550
Diesel and electric
Price excluding VAT:5 700.00 EUR

Euro Truck

56-400  Oleśnica
NIP: PL9111724912
Regon: 932176884
tel.: +48 788 348 888