Dry bulk tanks semitrailers cement silos A.R.T. year 2015


SemiTrailers Tanks

Stock number :semitrailer-tank/cement/2
Make :A.R.T.
Capacity of the tank:30.000 l.
Body: ART
Suspension type: Full air
Axles: 3
Brand axles: BPW Eco Plus
Mileage: 0.000 km
Acceptable mass: More than 32 t
Weight: 6.70 t
Loading capacity: 24.000
Equipment: ABS, Brakes EBS, Central lubrication, Lift axle, Light alloy wheels , Spare wheel, Spare wheel holder, Tool box , Central exit, Compartments for hoses over the entire length of the tank , Collapsible railing on top of the tank , Ladder, Release valve for gravity discharge , Tank opening On top manhole , Pump
Total weight: 34.13 t
Color: White
Technical condition: Warranty: 2 years
Branch office: Turkey
Number of units: 10
State: New
Tyres status: New 100 %
Dimension: longe 11,5 m cm
Tyre size: Pilote 385/65 R 22.5
Price excluding VAT:23 000.00 EUR

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