Reefers ISO Containers

Selling used (reefer) refrigerated shipping cargo containers from European Union, cargo containers inside 20 and 40 foot to often use for storage refrigerated containers. The shipping refrigerated containers with aggregate Carrier MicroLink 2 ThinLINE and Thermo King Copeland.

Frozen cargo and storage ISO container 40ft Fruehauf year 1987

Make : 40ft Fruehauf; Matriculation year : 1987;Technical condition: Vehicle in the exploitation;Branch office: Poland ;Price excluding VAT: 12500 PLN;
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40ft reefer container for warehouse, garage or wood drying room year 1981

Matriculation year : 1981;Branch office: Poland ;Price excluding VAT: 4800 PLN;
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20 foot Steel Storage Reefer shipping Container Carrier Microlink year 1993

Make : Carrier Microlink; Matriculation year : 1993;Branch office: Poland ;Price excluding VAT: 3000 EUR;
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Used reefer storage ocean cargo container 20ft - Carrier Microlink 2 year 1998

Make : 20ft - Carrier Microlink 2; Matriculation year : 1998;Technical condition: Good;Branch office: Poland ;Price excluding VAT: 3650 EUR;
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New refrigerated 40ft High Cube reefer shipping cargo containers Thermo King Star Cool year 2018

Make : Thermo King Star Cool; Matriculation year : 2018; Body: 40FT; Branch office: Germany;Price excluding VAT: EUR;
Full offer » Thermo King Star Cool »

Frozen cargo and storage ISO container 40 FT High Cube year 2005

Make : 40 FT High Cube; Matriculation year : 2005;Technical condition: Very Good;Branch office: Germany;Price excluding VAT: 5600 EUR;
Full offer » 40 FT High Cube »

ISO Reefers Cargo and Storage Containers 20 FT year 2001

Make : 20 FT; Matriculation year : 2001; Body: Stainless Steel - Inox -Thermal Insulation; Technical condition: Very Good;Branch office: Germany;Price excluding VAT: 4600 EUR;
Full offer » 20 FT »

Used Cold Storage and Transports ISO Container 40ft High Cube year 2002

Make : 40ft High Cube; Matriculation year : 2002;Branch office: Germany;Price excluding VAT: 5000 EUR;
Full offer » 40ft High Cube »

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